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Since the end of 2018, we never miss a chance to host weekly event by inviting resourceful, talented & insprative figures sharing their knowledge and experience. Started with digital marketing class, mental health awareness workshop, inclusive class : learning sign language class, and even having enjoyable TV serial screening or Jazz Night.

People from different backgrounds coming as our loyal and talented community that can broaden your network.

How can I catch up with the events ?

Suscribe our newsletters or like our facebook page to receive up-to-date notification about our events. We have rule from Community, by Community, and for Community. Making most of the event free but still with high value quality. So if you are interested to share what you have, just registrate in the coloumn below.

Jazz and Acoustic are almost everyone’s cup of the tea. After full and hectic weekday, we build comfy ambience accompanied by the best musicians in the city. With our outdoor stage under the tree, you can feel the fresh air too.
In this fast paced era, sometimes people forget to listen to their inner self or get to know what is important for them. Thus, we invite the community to have 2 day session for remembering their true self, knowing what has made them feel stressed, and learning how to let go and forgive their past situation. Assisted by Puji ( a psychologist) we will do deep and mindful discussion, meditation and also establish a support circle.
We will invite some start-up companies, creative business, and other communities to get to know each other more by conducting fast networking activity, not only that we will let the participants to experience how does it feel to work in our co-working. This event is open for public who are interested to join. We also will do “Pulau Plastik” screening in the beginning.
Events in 2019

We believe every person has different and unique knowlede, experience and insight that should be shared. Either to enrich others' mind or inviting more like-minded people to come to the circle. Collaboration is the heart of this place.

Kris Ayu Madina

Quick FAQ’s

Yes you have to register via RSVP link that you can have from our Facebook page, scan from the barcode on the poster or via our contact person. The team will be very thankful for knowing how many people will join in advance.

It depends on the event, some are for public while some are only for member.
There are also lots of free events but few will charge fee for the registration.

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